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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keys Cantonese Roast

Served fast: Authentic Cantonese Roastings at SM Mall of Asia Food Court

Roast lechon Macau that is very crisp and so tasty, roast duck, roast pork asado, spiced chicken sliced and served in rice toppings and dim sum served hot and freshly cooked! These are just the very new offerings of SM Mall of Asia Food Court that is known for giving consumers a variety of choices, always satisfying the discriminating palate of the Filipinos.

With the opening of the trendy Keys Cantonese Roasts at the food court, second level, SM MOA snatched another milestone by having the first fast-food Cantonese roastings at affordable prices. Keys is most proud of its roast meats cooked the authentic way using the traditional “rocket” oven and charcoal heat. Best-seller is the spicy flavorful roasted lechon Macau, which has been selling like hotcakes since the last holidays. Lechon Macau has been a favorite because of its crispiness and scrumptious spicy taste.

Appetizing dim sum dishes, another Keys’ pride, peddled at the dining area at scheduled hours even give guests some pampering while enjoying their meals. Keys’ yummy dim sum comes in pork, chicken, and seafood varieties. Dim sum is a must try – the only way of knowing why it is so good and better than the others.

Keys’ owners, Ruel and Chito self-confessed Chinese food lovers, attest to the Filipinos' love for roast duck as sales of this “royalty food” surged in December. One of Keys unique feature is consumers don't have to buy the whole roast duck which in most restaurants can get quite expensive. With several slices served on rice toppings, you can taste this must-have and must-taste food of the affluent in China. To maintain quality and authentic taste of Cantonese food, Keys never use extenders. And because the food in the menu has been selling well, there really is no need to prolong their shelf life.

Lechon Macau, roast pork asado, and Chinese 5-spiced chicken, are also offered in Keys rice toppings and combo meals. Rice toppings start from P65 with your choice of dim sum; and for only P139 for single dish to P159 for two dishes with yang chow fried rice and side servings of pansit Canton and soup, customers can already enjoy an authentic Cantonese food. Keys chefs are also sharing their expertise in serving other delicious regional Chinese dishes for more delectable food choices.

There really is no reason for customers not to enjoy real Cantonese food at very affordable prices. Head off to Keys now and feel like a royalty in high Chinese cuisine with your roast duck, lechon Macau, roast pork asado and dim sum. You won’t feel the guilt enjoying the good eats, most of the meats are roasted not fried; there is no added MSG too in all the dishes.

Back to School, bact to safety

By JP Tuason

Illustrations by Lengskididoodles

With Millions of kids going back to school in the next couple of weeks, one of the important topics to discuss is how to ensure that they will be safe on the roads in and around school. As a parent who is involved in teaching Road safety I have seen many accidents in my lifetime that I wish my kids to avoid. I constantly remind them of the Do’s and Don’ts as often as I can, but still have nightmares about road accidents. I think that this is a problem that I share with most parents because of the lack of emphasis in proper road safety education in the schools.

Here are a few simple tips I have taught my children and the kids that have attended our young road users seminar on Road Safety. I believe that parents going over these tips with your children will make you sleep better at night and give your kids a better understanding of the dangers on the Roads:

Crossing the street.

As much as inviting it can be, roads are built for cars and not a kids playground. If they are to cross the street they should look for the nearest stoplight. The stoplight tells cars when to Go (Green light) and when to Stop (Red light). Most kids understand the concept of the lights but they don’t understand why they need to use the crosswalk. The stoplight is located communicates to cars when it is time for people to cross the streets. It is like the video game frogger. If you cross the street when the cars are moving then you run a big chance of going SPLAT! If you cross the street when the cars are given a red light and have stopped then you win the game of crossing the street safely. Trust me a five year old understands video games.

Only very limited intersections in the country have the crosswalk lights therefore understanding the concept of stoplights and crossing the street is very important to understand at a young age. Teach your kids to look for assistance. In the absence of a stoplight kids should look for traffic police, older children or an adult not only because of the possible danger but also because of their height. A small child is harder to see from the point of view of a bus driver.

A final tip on crossing the street is the left – right –left system. Before crossing teach your kids to pause and look left for on coming traffic, look right to ensure the other direction is clear as well as back left before taking the first step. Practicing this makes kids conscious of on coming vehicles of different speeds and sizes.

Use your seatbelt.

Everyone in the vehicle needs to be belted properly in the car. I always say that the number of seatbelts dictate how many people can ride in the car. Never have kids sit on your lap unbelted – they will be the first ones to fly out the windshield.

Never have kids sit on your lap and run a seatbelt across the 2 of you – In an accident your weight exponentially increases and you will crush your child with the seatbelt. Never have kids 12 and below sit in the front seat – This is because the 3 point seatbelts are designed for adults – Kids run the risk of hitting the windshield, getting neck injuries or getting hurt by the airbag as it deploys.

As a guideline:

· Newborns till 2 years old should be placed in a infant carrier / back facing child seat. – This device is belted down in the center of the rear seat and is to protect the fragile neck and back from injury in a car accident.

· Kids ages 2-5 years old should be in a forward facing child seat. – This device is also belted in the center of the rear seat and has its own mini 4 point seatbelt to hold the child down by spreading the forces across the shoulders and pelvis.

· Kids 5-12 years should use a booster seat. – A booster seat raises a child up so that when they use a regular 3 point car seatbelt, it does not strangle them or run across the colar bone (which is very easy to break).

A lot of people say that car seats and seatbelts are not necessary because we are always stuck in traffic or the cars are moving to slow. Most people don’t realize that a simple 10kph impact can send someone unbelted into the windshield.

Even more people say that car seats are expensive and will only be used for a short period of time. I disagree. Child seats now can go for as little as a full tank of gas. When you compare that to the money you would spend on a possible hospital bill…then the investment is worth the money!

Wear your Helmet.

One of the greatest joys a parent can have is the day you teach your kids to use a bike. After teaching them to walk and talk…I think this is one of the next big milestones.

As a parent who understands the dangers of motor racing, I tell people who buy helmets, that you can skimp on spending a lot of money on other equipment but protecting your head is something that should not be ignored. Remember it’s your or your kids head.

People that use 2 wheeled vehicles whether bikes or motorcycles must understand the dangers of being exposed on the road, a simple fall on the road can be fatal if it is head first and trust me it happens all the time.

Remember a few seconds of prevention can save you a lifetime of sacrifice…so be safe this coming school year and do your part in educating your kids in Road Safety.

The author is a multi-awarded race car driver, founder of Tuason Racing School and a road safety advocate, he travels around the country to train and impart the message of road safety. He also has undergone different Road Safety trainings in US and in Europe and is a member of different safety organizations around the globe. For more information about Tuason Racing School’s Racing or Road Safety Programs email info@tuasonracing.com or check out our website at www.tuasonracing.com. Send your questions as well to be tackled in future articles.

Published in Motoring Section Philippine Daily Inquirer

June 9, 2010 - page B2-1 and B2-4

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Am i really happy?

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am i?

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My bebi's caricature for our friend

special gift for the special couple... hope nagustuhan nila.

kamukha nga nila! heheheh